lundi 14 septembre 2009

wrong side of town ( video)

wrong-side-of-town is GANGBANG BROTHAS PORN PRODUCTION' movie

( producer Mr. Ruff Brocco)

very nice video .... and i have some fun whit this 2 actor... i hope you liked ..come and told me your commentary pls.... kissssssss

samedi 12 septembre 2009


You need nice photo for your profil... book for your first step in fashion or only nice souvenir... i invit you to send me message for make whit you nice shooting!!!

fashion photo or for most horny people... sex souvenir.. i can make all for you :)


My first sl movie

hi everyone i present you my first porn movie sl whit GANGBANG BROTHAS PORN PRODUCTION ( productor: Mr. Ruff Brocco).... i hope you liked and please give me your impression:)

Dont be shy to make commentary on my blog or send me im..... kisssssss


new slife

hello miss and gentleman, i am Patricia and i started fiew day ago in adult sl movie... before, i worked in reloking, photography, call girl...... but now...some friend give me chance to become new star in porn.....